P roducing a real song, with unique and tasteful arrangement, with exceptional singers and performers…  that’s what fuels Stephan Oberhoff.
Since hopping off the plane to America, he’s produced (and performed) thousands of songs — in every musical style imaginable.

“The key to producing is listening to the desires of the client, listening to musicians in the room, feeling the singer’s temperature – and most importantly, listening to one’s own gut instincts and trusting them.”
Stephan Oberhoff


It was only a matter of time until the producer/performer for a slew of the biggest songwriters in the country over the past 30 years got the attention of the great Burt Bacharach.

Burt first came to Stephan’s studio in 1995 with veteran lyricist Tonio K. — with whom he had written a string of hits.

The newly formed team hit it off — and Stephan went on to produce and perform on a multitude of songs for Burt Bacharach — opening the floodgates for a stream of the most prestigious clientele to flow through Stephan’s studio and music space.

The one and only BB stops by ...


Grammy and Tony nominated singer/songwriter Brenda Russell was in rehearsals for her 1993 “Soul Talking” National Tour when she was introduced to Stephan’s performance skills — and added him to her band.

Discovering his production skills were on par with his abilities as a performer, Stephan began producing a string of songs with Brenda – culminating in her critically-acclaimed “Paris Rain” CD.

Stephan became Brenda’s Musical Director for several years — and continues to produce songs for his dear friend.  

“Brenda is one of the most nourishing and inspiring musical relationships and friendships of my life,” said Stephan.

Listen to the single from “Paris Rain” below Brenda’s pic on the right

More than 20 yrs of collaboration with Brenda Russell


Stephan has partnered with Melissa in many ways, wearing a multitude of hats over the past few decades — and has become one of Stephan’s most treasured musical relationships.

Producing demos of her songs evolved into being Melissa’s Producer, Engineer, Arranger and Musician on a number of her award-winning records.

Stephan produced Melissa’s widely acclaimed album, “When I Look Down that Road.”

Currently, Stephan has been touring with Melissa as her Musical Director — and they have played to hundreds of thousands of Melissa’s fans around the world.

Below the Cover pic, please sample the song “Angels Dancing”, produced and arranged by Stephan and Kevin DeRemer, synched to a creative music video by the talented director Paul Gervasi.

Co-produced Melissa's 2004 release with Kevin DeRemer


During a recent session that Stephan co-produced with Quincy Jones, legendary “Hit-Man” David Foster played piano on one of Jason Gould’s songs for the upcoming record — and heard Stephan’s production and arrangement of “Nature Boy” for artist Jason Gould.

Also on the session were notables such as Greg Phillinganes (keys), Paul Jackson Jr. (guitars), Neil Stubenhaus (bass), John JR Robinson (drums) and Paulinho Da Costa (percussion).

Listen to the track in the video below

This is an amazing track!!
David Foster @ Capitol Studios December 2015



Mercer Songwriting Award winning Artist/Producer Michele Brourman has been recording with Stephan for more than two decades.

Together, they’ve produced and arranged the songs for a slew of animated features for Universal Studios, including nine sequels to the beloved “Land Before Time” (nominated for the Ani Award), Balto II and III, “The Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein,” as well as numerous other collaborations.

Michele and Stephan also produced award-winning releases for Grammy-nominated and Golden Globe winner Amanda McBroom (“The Rose”), George Ball, Irina Maleeva, and Broadway Legend Susan Watson — as well as Michele’s own artist projects.

They successful team also created the sublime arrangement of “Misty” (as heard in the video above), which was released on Jason Gould’s debut EP.



The veteran songwriter has penned such incredible songs as “If I Could” (Regina Belle/Barbra Streisand); “No One in the World” (Anita Baker); “Two Less Lonely People in the World” (Air Supply); “I’ve Never Been to Me” (Charlene) and a host of other worldwide hits.

Kenny began working with Stephan in 1995 and discovered his songwriting instincts were on par with his production skills.

“Writing, Arranging and Producing in total synergy – it’s an amazing experience witnessing Stephan become the Orchestra!” Kenny Hirsch



Tom Snow is one of the most respected and recorded songwriters of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. His work can be found in virtually every genre.

Over the years, Stephan has produced (and performed on) a plethora of Tom’s songs — many of which took on lives of their own.

Artists as diverse as Barbra Streisand, Little Feat, Selena and Ray Charles have performed his songs.

“Love Sneaking Up On You” (Bonnie Raitt), “Don’t Know Much” (Linda Ronstadt), “Dreaming of You” (Selena) — are just a few examples of a shining and distinguished career.

Honored to have Tom Snow in my studio