magine students witnessing an extraordinary performance of 4 heavyweight performers. Following the show they gather around the stage for an intensive Q & A period. Imagine the students visibly enjoying the atmosphere in which the workshop is held: relaxed, invigorating, inspiring — and a healthy dose of humor, making their learning experience effortless and life-changing!

Imagine them taking home the seed of inspiration which vitalizes all learning. True to the meaning of the word “Education” (from latin “educare” = “To bring forth what’s within”), many students will feel energized and excited to implement their own passionate energy to all their goals.

One Show – Four  Teachers!

Sandusky_Workshop_wwwStephan, Band Leader of HEARTBEAT BRAZIL reports about a moment in his professional life where his desire to share his more than 30 years of experience was born:

“I was on tour with Melissa Manchester. When I arrived at the concert venue in Sandusky, OH, I was greeted by Melissa’s tour manager Sue Holder, who told me that the whole event had been produced by students !

The local music school’s teacher and mentor, Michael Shirtz, had created an event for the students where they spent the entire week preparing for show day.

Well prepared and motivated, they loaded instruments and gear in in the early morning – and stayed with us until late at night to celebrate a successful and inspiring event.

As I arrived, I immediately found a group of them and invited them over to my stage position where I play Guitar, Keyboards and perform Vocals, and asked them if they wanted to be part of my day-to-day routine and the challenges all musicians face when traveling from venue to venue.

They enthusiastically nodded – thus began an almost 2 hour journey in which I found how much they already knew and how much information we were able to fill in with road-tested and practical information.

The looks in the Student’s eyes, when this day was over, still makes me emotional! They looked so happy and, together, they had accomplished something truly incredible!

Ever since that day, I had hoped for a chance to carry that message to students and communities worldwide – and bring my band along so we could collectively share our experience – and passion!”


Here is a comprehensive list of the items students have asked – and will learn about in HeartBeat Brazil’s new Master Class “Play & Talk”:





• THE BRAZILIAN SWING  –  “Suinge”, the surprising co-existence of the African and the Western pulse

• MUSIC & TECHNOLOGY  – “Why do you guys mix from the stage” and “Where do the sounds come from”

• STAGE AND STUDIO TOOLS  – “How do the lights change with the music?” and “How do you make the video stream with the music” or: “Is it difficult to work with In-Ear monitors?”

• WORKING WITH TRACKS AND VIDEO – See how bands like Anamanaguchi and other Multi Media band concepts implement light, video and tracks

• THE COMPUTER = THE MIXING BOARD – Ableton Live and MOTU hardware are discussed

• IMPROVISATION – all musicians share their experience and suggestions. The folkloric aspect of improvisation in the Brazilian styles vs. the phrase and scale approach in jazz.

• GENERAL INSTRUMENT TECHNIQUES  – on Piano, Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Saxophones and Woodwinds




• VOCAL PERFORMANCE  –  Vocal technique and the right Warmups

You can easily see that each one of these topics could be a weekend seminar in and of itself. For that reason, all four of the teachers are willing to create breakout groups to best assist the students in their particular field of interest. Please read the short bios of the teachers below and why they are so highly qualified to teach your students:






Subjects: Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Musical Direction and Stage Tech

Pianist, Guitarist, Vocalist, Producer, Composer and Music Educator Stephan Oberhoff is enjoying a multi-faceted career in Los Angeles, CA.
Besides being a successful composer and producer of numerous TV commercials and Documentary film scores, his stage career includes decades of touring with numerous international artist such as Melissa Manchester, Brenda Russell, Jason Gould, Amanda McBroom, Jeffrey Osbourne, Doc Powell and others.

Having immersed himself in the Brazilian culture for more than a decade (including living in Rio de Janeiro and working with brazilian artists for an even longer time period.)
Stephan had worked with Brazilian greats Ricardo Silveira, Ricardo MacCord (MD of Angele RoRo), Leonardo Amuedo (Ivan Lins Band), Cassio  Duarte (Ivan Lins, Tania Maria), Junior Homrisch, and many others.

Try to catch him performing with Melissa Manchester’s Duo Show featuring him playing Keyboards, Piano, Guitar, Percussion, and Vocals – up to four at a time!!
His recent studies took him to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he studied extensively with brazilian Master pianist and coach, Dario Galante. He also regularly studies with Alan Pasqua, Russell Ferrante and Terry Trotter.
He regularly participates at California Brazil Camp to intensify his connection with the brazilian culture and participates in the most immersive training available to a professional musician and band leader anywhere.

Stephan owns and operates his own studio in Pasadena, CA, and is currently working with the legendary Quincy Jones on the release of his client, Jason Gould’s debut album “Dangerous Man”.

Stephan is an experienced and passionate teacher and is excited to share his knowledge which includes modern music performance technology  – which ultimately culminated in the creation of HeartBeat Brazil.




Robert Kyle


Subjects: Saxophone, Woodwind and Percussion techniques, Composition and Improvisation

Saxophonist/Flutist/Composer and Music Educator Robert Kyle has become known for his unique warm sound, melodic style, and his ability to harmoniously cross musical borders. His lyricism and passion are evident in whatever situation he finds himself, and he is fluid in many styles including Jazz, Blues, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, R & B and Classical.

 His performance & recording credits include work with Cee Lo Green, Natalie Cole, Michael McDonald, Johnny Mathis, Jason Mraz, Chaka Khan, Michael Bolton, Linda Ronstadt, Carole King, Kenny Loggins, Brenda Russell, Lou Rawls, Seu Jorge, Googoosh, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Pharrell, Blake Shelton, Babyface, Della Reese, Chaka Khan, Francisco Aguabella, Pete Escovedo, Jessica Simpson, Al McKibbon, Billy Mitchell, Roy “Guitar” Gaines and many others.

As a 19 year member and musical director of blues diva Linda Hopkins band, he has made over fifty trips to Europe and Japan, performing internationally at many of the biggest Jazz festivals, theaters and clubs in the world.

Robert is regularly invited to perform, teach and lecture for the “Ethnic Styles” class at The L.A.  Music Academy.  He has studied privately with Phil Sobel, Bill Green, Plas Johnson, Lanny Morgan, and Danilo Lozano & Herb Geller. He has studied African drumming with Nigerian Master Drummer Francis Awe, and Brazilian drums and hand percussion with Maria Martinez, Cassio Duarte, Edson Gianesi, Carlinhos “Pandeiro” Deouro, Gello and Chalo Eduardo.

In 2002, Robert’s love of Cuban music led him to Cuba to study traditional “Charanga” style flute at The Havana Conservatory with the great “Lele” (from Los Van Van) and the legendary Richard Egues (from Orchestra Aragon.)

He has studied composition with Mauro Bruno and is a student of Lyle “Spud” Murphy’s Equal Interval System of composition & arranging.




Subjects: Percussion, Drums, Musical Direction, Ethnic Rhythm Styles

Simon is a music director, performer, and composer for Viver Brasil – an Afro Brazilian dance company.

He leads/co-leads bands MôForro (Brazilian Forró), Marbella (Original Brazilian Jazz-Pop), Os Zagueiros (Samba Rock/Samba Soul), and Bloco Nove (Brazilian Celebration Music), and is a member of Samba Society (Vintage Samba), and Delta Nove (World Funk). Simon is the timpanist for the Música Angélica Baroque Orchestra, which tours internationally with the opera The Giacomo Variations, starring John Malkovich.

Simon studied intensively throughout Brazil and Cuba and is the apprentice to the internationally renowned Brazilian percussionist Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro.

Simon is a classically trained musician at California State University of Northridge in Orchestral Percussion, Jazz, and Composition. His experience as a passionate and inspiring Music Educator includes teaching children at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music.




Matt Sml WWWMATT COOKER       

Subjects: Cello Technique, Bowing secrets,
Style integration from classical to jazz and brazilian music


Master Cellist Matt Cooker holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Michigan, where he played in master classes of Rostropovich and Piatigorsky.

A tenured member of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, Matt has also played in international orchestras in Sacramento, Toledo, and the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy.

His teaching credentials include U of M extensions, ISOMATA, the Henry Mancini Institute, and CalArts.  Matt Cooker is a veteran recording artist who has worked on over 500 major motion pictures and recorded for Barbra Streisand, Paul McCartney, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond, and many others.

Anyone who experiences Matt taking a fiery solo with the outstanding ORCHESTRE SURREAL or any other act, will know they have witnessed a Master at work.

Matt has been educating students for more than a decade and is a unique asset to the L.A. music scene.