Important info for presenters, promoters and agents:

When some of the highest credentialed L.A. musician’s get together and create a Labor Of Love, any performance is going to be a deep experience.
HeartBeat Brazil is a well-rehearsed and passionate group which is eager to make your audiences feel included and transported.

In this day and age of Multi Media, HeartBeat Brazil stands out even more since the band added the option of an¬†energetic Multimedia Show with synchronized lighting which tremendously adds to the already immersive quality of the show – it lays the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and the Amazon at the feet of it’s audience.

The information below is designed to be helpful in determining which Show Package of HEARTBEAT BRAZIL is right for your event.


Variety is Vital. We realize that your main objective is to create diversity in your bookings.

Please take advantage of the style description of HEARTBEAT BRAZIL below:
What the music sounds like: Brazilian Jazz, Samba, Bossa Nova, Brazilian Pop (MPB), Maracatu and Frevo.
International artists like Ivan Lins, Caetano Veloso, Sergio Mendez, SoCal artists Rique Pantoja and local act SambaGuru are the most similar.

Practically the polar opposite of Salsa, Merengue, Cuban jazz or Cuban folklore of any type, HEARTBEAT BRAZIL’s jazz element places a strong emphasis on Brazilian harmony and melody. The rich and emotive orchestrations clearly set it apart from other Latin acts.

"Comecar De Novo" by Ivan Lins, performed by HEARTBEAT BRAZIL at the Laguna Festival Of The Arts in July 2016:

As you can see (and hear), we are confident in stating that HEARTBEAT BRAZIL has no parallel anywhere in California

The sound clip below is a LIVE RECORDING by HEARTBEAT BRAZIL (show package Two) during rehearsals at AMP recording in Hollywood, CA!


Since HeartBeat Brazil is a multi-format band, it can present a magnificent show in many different configurations. HeartBeat Brazil adds percussionists to enhance the tribal drumming element of Brazilian folklore as one would expect of a Samba parade, a Maracatu performance or the Samba in the Round (Samba De Roda)
Below you can see what fits your stage and audience best.

Package One
HBB PLOT 3 PCCore trio of leader Stephan Oberhoff, Robert Kyle, and Simon Carroll.
Perfect for smaller stages and smaller budgets.
Full production sound.



Package Two

The core trio with the addition of featured instrumentalist and master cellist Matt Cooker.
Ideal for mid size stages.

Package Three:

The full show plus the Multi-media Presentation. This package has it all:
The Quartet plus synchronized lighting and video projection – up to 2 screens make this show a Full Immersion showcase.
For mid size and larger stages

Package Four
HBB PLOT ENS 2The Quartet plus a 2-4 piece percussion ensemble plus synchronized lighting and video projection, supporting the tribal, driving and rhythmic nature of brazilian music.
For larger stages and high energy concert demands.