The Baritone ULTRA (Beta)

Engineered by Stephan Oberhoff

This library is sure to fill a huge gap in the market place – a much needed infusion of low, muscular and defining notes as well as a beautiful and flexible chordal register.

“As with most of my libraries, I wanted to offer you guys the power notes played with brutal intensity so your distortion amps or stacks would sound more realistic when you play guitar sounds on the keyboard.
At the same time, the demo video on the right will show you that you can play extremely soft to get a very similar sound to a middle pickup stratocaster or mid-rear pickup combo sound.
This instrument is a full range “orchestra” in and of itself!”

BARITONE ULTRA Sound Clips by Stephan Oberhoff

by picked|b/dr/bari rock|low notes|o-drive rack|clear chords

Plays in Kontakt 6.7.0 and higher.
Full version of Kontakt is required.
The free Kontakt Player will not work.