The Pandemic Pandeiro V 1.0

Engineered by Stephan Oberhoff

The Brazilian “Drumset with Jingles” as it is called by many of Rio’s great pandeiristas (like Carlinhos Pandeiro De Ouro) is one of the most versatile rhythm instruments on this earth.
Now you can utilize this rhythmic powerhouse instrument, programmed in the most flexible layout and boasting truly excellent sound!

I found that while I could never quite get good enough on the real instrument, I still really wanted that unique percussion texture on my tracks as I work a lot with Brazilian music and Latin rhythms.
The loops and softwares on the market were limited in tempo or pattern choices – and they were also very expensive.
So I went ahead, grabbed a AKG C 414 and an SM 57 – and recorded all pertinent sounds myself.

Later, I distributed them on the virtual keyboard with specific mute groups and other bells and whistles so you can play it with one hand only, if you want to.

I also added 4 separate MIDI files in the classic rhythms programmed with a good dab of Brazilian Suinge (the inherent feel of Brazilian music) which you can quantize at will if it fits your music better.
Please check the great video about the Brazilian feel and how to apply it in your tracks on other instruments!”

Stephan Oberhoff, creator

Plays in Kontakt 6.7.0 and higher.
Full version of Kontakt is required.
The free Kontakt Player will not work.