The Pedulla Punch Bass V 1.0

Engineered by Stephan Oberhoff

The Pedulla Punch Bass is a special program which is designated to do what not many libraries do.
Not only is it an amazing sounding J-Bass style pickup with a warm, yet energetic and percussive tone – but it also plays bass sounds at high velocities that sound as if the bass player was ‘digging in like crazy’!

Recorded pristinely per D.I. in Stephan’s Creation Station, this Pedulla 5 string creates a sound that lives somewhere in the sonic world of Jaco Pastorius’ Jazz Bass rear pickup sound – but played extremely hard and percussive in the upper velocities!

The Pedulla Punch Bass works for many musical styles and creates a ‘growl’ that most P-basses can only dream of!
If you push the modulation wheel up, you hear an octave doubling coming in. The level of this octave is determined by how far the modulation wheel is turned up.

Remember Stevie Wonder’s bass player really diggin’ in hard during the short solo in “Do I Do“??


THAT is what this plugin is all about!  I just kept being annoyed that most really upscale libraries sounded so great but they were too …uhmmm.. “civilized”, if you will.
So I asked my dear friend and wonderful musician Alex Watson to lend me his 5 string Pedulla bass and went about recording and sampling it myself.
I hope the result will give you something you haven’t gotten from any other bass library:

Punch, growl and richness in abundance!!”

Stephan Oberhoff, creator

Plays in Kontakt 6.7.0 and higher.
Full version of Kontakt is required.
The free Kontakt Player will not work.